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Improved Perfection

Éclat (AY-clah) is French for bright or luminescent. Whether it’s a brighter, radiant complexion or a brighter smile after using our products, our main goal is to improve your physical and mental wellness through promoting self care.

We are a natural, black-owned personal care company and aren't here to re-invent the wheel. Our products are made to address specific and oft-overlooked skin/hair ailments to visibly improve your health rather than making generic products that don't target the root cause.

Skin and hair is so complex and one-size-fits-all products won't work for everyone. That's where we come in. Each of our products targets a specific issue that may be the source of your acne, dry/brittle hair, eczema flare-ups, etc.

About The Founder

Eclat Naturals founder Javon Ford

Eclat Naturals was founded by chemist Javon Ford in 2016 in South Carolina shortly after graduating when he couldn't find a foundation shade that was suitable to him that worked under staged lighting without clogging pores so he began created color cosmetic to wear and soon started creating products for his co-stars and thus Eclat was born.


At Eclat, we believe in offering effective problems that are both safe and at least 95% naturally derived. We don't encourage scaremongering; we believe in science first and foremost. There are no "chemical free" claims here when everything from the air we breathe to the water we drink is a chemical. But not all chemicals are created equal. Whether it's a hazard to the environment or to our long-term health, the following ingredients will never be found in our products: parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, silicones, and hydroquinone.

And most importantly we are 100% Cruelty-Free 🐇 


70% of the world's carbon emission is caused by major corporations. Let's change that. In order to reduce our carbon footprint at Eclat, we've opted to eliminate excessive packages. None of our products come in cosmetic boxes and we only ship products in either recyclable cardboard boxes or recycled plastic. 

Additionally, there are a few natural products we will never feature in our products as harvesting them can contribute to deforestation problem:

Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Rose, and Palm oils

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